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350  81   245

01:35 pm - 03:00 pm

SattaKaMatka India’s highly recommend safe website to play Satta Matka in 2020. We provide the most effective Satta Matka Winning Tips & Tricks; we will make sure that Jodi and Patti Pass. Our expert always assists you and try to recover your life time loss from Kalyan Matka, Main Bombay and far additional for our premium members. We also offer Fastest Satta Matka Results, All Matka Jodi Charts, All Matka Panel Charts, Matka Guessing, Daily Special Game. You can play with us through download our app or via our website, just register your details. You can play with us anytime anywhere here is no amount limit. We are offering 100% promised cash back for pass, the ank or Jodi suggestions that we provide are a 100% money back guaranteed policy.

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134  83   256

01:05 pm - 02:05 pm


168  57   340

01:10 pm - 02:10 pm


350  81   245

01:35 pm - 03:00 pm


479  00   370

03:10 pm - 05:10 pm


690  50   370

03:30 pm - 05:30 pm


158  4  

04:00 pm - 06:00 pm


348  5  

05:00 pm - 07:00 pm



08:10 pm - 10:10 pm



08:30 pm - 10:30 pm



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Satta Matka with the most trusted Matka Result website in the industry. Matka Result is one of the oldest games in indian history and was started by matka king ratan khatri. We being the decendents of ratan khatri are making the Matka Result play industry a better place for Matka Result!!!! 


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OPEN TO CLOSE:-3-8-(4) pass-9

JODI:-38-83-(49)-94-88-99-(44)pass -33


DATE--14/05/2020 FIX GAME

MILAN / RAJDHANI / KALYAN Main Matka Hot Guessing Today 8:30 PM 9999999999



PANNA-(390) PASS -359-348-389



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What Is Satta Matka

We provides the best and fastest boss matka and matka result, Indian Matka, Matka Charts, Free Kalyan Matka Tips and Main Matka Tips with a fix sure matka number from our Indian matka platform. We are the most appreciated website for providing free satta market's live updates in the fastest manner possible. We offer users to recover from their loss from Kalyan Matka, Rajdhani Day, Milan Day, Milan Night, Matka Indian by, Every Satta Market's result are given live and we also provide Fix Matka Numbers.

For Fast updates and live Fastest Join our website and register for free, Fastest Madhur Matka Updates, Matka Milan, Mumbai Main, Time Bazar are a guranteed on time result on our Platform. We are the most famous online website that caters to a larger audience with the fastest matka play results and matka number. Join Us and keep yourself up to date with our online matka platform for the quickest Kalyan Matka or Fix Matka Tips. We are India's Most well known and loved matka website by the users who get engaged to our satta matka website platform in Satta Bazar, Mumbai Matka & Kalyan Matka. We at satta ka matka provide quicker results than any matka webiste. We also give access to free matka lucky numbers. Please Save and Bookmark our link to get frequent updates, Visit Us Now.

Why Is It So Popular

There are numerous games out there to do. however KalyanMatka has emerged because the best one. India's preferred gambling is here to make you go crazy. you may actually find it irresistible due to its key factors. If you would like to make cash quick and speed then you want to opt for it. you'll very have a great deal of fun in conjunction with creating cash quick.

KalyanMatka is considered India's preferred gambling game. it's quite common and renowned for creating cash through speculation in Indian Matka.KalyanMatka was started in mumbai and it's received a great deal of recognition within a brief span of your time. This game was started by Mr. KalyanjiBhagat and his mate Jaya Bhagatji. that's why this game is understood as KalyanMatka. And once more within the year of 1965, this game was started giving a new name referred to as Mumbai Matka. Indian KalyanSattaMatka comes up with correct open and close time. Moreover, its info is also keep updated each time at our web site

Talking concerning the results of Kalyan Matta, it comes two times during a day. This result's regarded with 2 names, it's considered as Open and close. The time of the Kalyan Open starts from 4.15 pm and also the time of welfare closure involves 6.15. It means that you may have an excellent time together with your family and friends.

How to play satta matka

playing lottery and taking part in it never got much easier. Satta Matka gives you the opportunity to pick your lucky numbers and place bids on them to win rewards on the winning numbers. A number is picked from 0 to 9 and adding them up to bring them to single digits will create a set of numerics and multiplying it with the sum will result in the a set. Another set is created in the same manner as well, bids are placed in the same way and the winning number are announced on the declared timing. Playing satta matka takes a lot of patience and winning needs experience and practice, we close the gap for the users who lack experience in the game.

Game Terminology

Here, the outstanding varieties are being explained in an exceedingly careful manner. let us check it out everything and grab additional data.

  • Matka :you'll marvel why it's referred to as Matka. This word conjointly derives from Hindi and it suggests that earthen pot. within the past, Such pots were used to draw numbers and build it regarding simple to count. you'll notice this word a bit weird. however currently folks have to get accustomed this name and enjoying this name.

  • Single : you'll be able to go with any digit between zero and nine that involves indulgent. select your lucky number and play your game to own plenty of fun and excitement.

  • Jodi/ pair : Jodi may be a Hindi word and it suggests that pair. you'll be able to select any combine of digits between 00 and 99 involving in Matka. you'll have a Jodi combine to enjoy tons.

  • Patti/ Panna : there's another kind on the list referred to as Patti and Panna. it's a couple of 3 digit result that comes as indulgent result. and also the smartest thing is that each one 3-digit numbers are Patti/Panna however you'll be able to accompany only limited three digit numbers are used and this enhances the extent of the game.

  • Open result / close result : And this one is choked with excitement. you'll not understand however the result of Matka indulgent is split into 2 components. Moreover, the primary half is considered the open result and also the second half is named a close result. this can be why it's referred to as 2 components of close results. you'll have an excellent experience while taking part in it

Satta Matka Time Table

Market Open Close
TIME BAZAR 01:10 pm 02:10 pm
TARA MUMBAI DAY 01:35 pm 03:00 pm
MILAN DAY 03:10 pm 05:10 pm
RAJDHANI DAY 03:30 pm 05:30 pm
KALYAN 04:00 pm 06:00 pm
TARA MUMBAI NIGHT 08:30 pm 10:30 pm
MILAN NIGHT 09:00 pm 11:10 pm
RAJDHANI NIGHT 09:30 pm 11:45 pm
MAIN RATAN 09:35 pm 11:59 pm
KALYAN NIGHT 09:38 pm 11:59 pm
TIME NIGHT 08:10 pm 10:10 pm
NAVRATNA DAY 01:05 pm 02:05 pm
NAVRATNA NIGHT 09:35 pm 11:34 pm
SUPER MATKA 05:00 pm 07:00 pm

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SattaKaMatka is a satta matka hub where all the matka game results are displayed and updated on a regular basis. Users can discuss about kalyan matka, rajdhani matka, time bazar, kalyan night, main ratan and many more matka lottery houses at one place. we also provide a forum where users can interact with each other and discuss different matka guessing strategies. We are a one stop shop for all things related to matka, so why wait. contact us now!

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